DVLA Cherished Transfer Scheme

The DVLA provide the facility to transfer a registration mark from one vehicle to another. Their service is called the Cherished Transfer Scheme and there are a number of points that you need to know about its benefits and restrictions, some of which are not totally clear in Government literature.

  1. Only the vehicle keeper can apply to have registration plates assigned / transferred and both must sign the V317 transfer form.
  2. Non-testable vehicles such as tractors and battery powered vehicles such as milk floats cannot participate in the Cherished Transfer Scheme.
  3. All vehicles that take part in the Cherished Transfer Scheme must be licensed.
  4. If the vehicle is older than 3 years old then a current MoT certificate must be held.
  5. The vehicle from which the mark is being transferred (donor vehicle) must be available for an authenticity inspection.
  6. DVLA will still consider applications where the tax for the donor vehicle expired no more than 12 months prior to the application; providing that there has been no break between natural expiry and SORN.
  7. If you refund any part of your tax then this concession does not apply.
  8. The vehicle receiving the registration mark (recipient vehicle) must also be taxed.
  9. Motorcycles and mopeds can participate in the Cherished Transfer Scheme providing they meet all the normal transfer requirements.
  10. In order to transfer registrations to a vehicle based in Northern Ireland both vehicles must be taxed and where applicable MoT tested. It is noteworthy to point out a flaw in the DVLA system at this time. If the mark being transferred is held on a DVLA V750 Certificate of Entitlement (bought direct from DVLA) OR if the registration mark is held on a V778 Retention Certificate; then the registration mark must first be transferred to a vehicle registered to an address on the UK mainland and then subject to a further transfer (and fee) using the Cherished Transfer Scheme to transfer from vehicle to vehicle. IT IS NOT POSSIBLE TO TRANSFER A REGISTRATION MARK FROM DVLA V750 OR V778 FORMS DIRECTLY TO A VEHICLE REGISTERED TO AN ADDRESS IN NORTHERN IRELAND. (Even if Irish numbers plates have been retained onto a V778).

The method of completing a Cherished Transfer is to collate the necessary documents, these being:

  1. The V5C (Log Books), Tax Discs and MoT (if applicable)for the donor and the receiving vehicles;
  2. A cheque for 80.00 made payable to 'DVLA';
  3. A duly completed V317 form (a Cherished Transfer Scheme form). This form must be completed by the donor and the recipient and signed by both parties;